How your E-Commerce can Benefit from a Partnership with a Packaging Company

E-commerce shipments account for more than 60% of all manufacturing shipments and the number continues to rise. Thus, if you own an e-commerce business, you must look for ways to stand out when your product lands in the mailbox of your customers.

High shipping costs, package damage, poor ship-from-store techniques, and other problems can cost you time, customers, and money. That is why you must partner with a reliable packaging company to improve your product packaging. Here’s how a packaging partner can help your e-commerce business:

Reducing DIM Weight Costs

As the DIM shipping costs increase and Amazon’s newest requirements for packaging, you have to think about many variables. A box manufacturing and packaging expert can help optimize dimensional weight for your products to minimize shipping costs.

Ensuring your Customers Have a Positive Unboxing Experience

A reputable packaging company has studied the effect of packaging on the emotions of customers. Customers with a positive unboxing experience will feel better about your product or company and may share their experience with people online and recommend your brand to others.

Reducing Product Damages and Returns

Damaged products can impact your current and future profitability. When your products tend to get damaged during shipping, your customers may blame you over the shipping company. As a result, they may not shop from your company again in the future. The best box manufacture and packaging expert will match you with the right products to protect your products during shipping and create solutions for when products must be returned.

Introducing Effective Shipment Strategies

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, shipping your products from the store must be done strategically. To ensure the efficiency of shipment, you may need different equipment and approach than shipping from a distribution center. It is still imperative to maintain quality and consistency no matter where you are shipping from.

Maximize Lifetime Value of Customers

Possible customers choose from a myriad of businesses online. Therefore, it becomes more difficult and more expensive for businesses to acquire new customers. The right packaging partner will help you maximize customer lifetime value by using the best practices.

When choosing a packaging partner, make sure to pick one that offers different packaging equipment options. These options include paper, air pillows, inside the box protection, flexible packaging, cushioned mailers, cohesive automation, and more. You can count on the company’s experience for solutions that will suit your e-commerce business’ needs. The company should be able to provide a variety of protective packaging products to help keep your costs down, improve your shipping method, and enhance your customers’ experience.

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