The Importance of Instagram Stories

If you have ever used Instagram, then you’ll be aware of what Instagram stories are and how they work. Most users of the massively popular image-based social media site report that scrolling laterally through all the Instagram stories is that which takes up most of one’s time on the site. Instagram has not always had the stories feature but since it was introduced, it has become the main type of user engagement that occurs on the site.

Just think of Facebook, who purchased Instagram way back in 2013 for the sum of $1 billion. This was an astonishing figure at the time, especially for a company which, at that time, had thirteen employees. Everyone knows about Facebook’s success, and part of that success has certainly been down to far sighted acquisitions like this. And of course, there are now stories on Facebook too, based exactly on the Instagram model. Engaged Media, a company specializing in social media content and marketing strategies, say that it is no oversimplification or exaggeration that you simply cannot ignore Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories for Businesses

Moreover, it isn’t just ordinary Instagram users who are finding stories the best way to get noticed on the site. Businesses – both B2B and B2C – typically report two to three times more engagement with Instagram stories posts compared to regular content. But seeing success with Instagram stories is not quite the same deal as other types of social media marketing.

For one thing, stories are almost entirely visual. Of course, you can add text to an Instagram story, but you almost certainly won’t have to worry about things like SEO or keywords. Rather, it is all about being visually striking while also finding a way to reinforce brand identification and engagement. Accordingly, those using Instagram for business find themselves in much the same position as an ordinary Instagram user – to make a successful story, you need to get creative!

Instagram Story Ideas

But how to be creative? The Instagram stories which perform best are, as you might expect, those that stand out. Instagram stories are typically scrolled through at some speed. If your post isn’t eye-catching first and engaging second, then it will most probably be passed over without a second’s thought.

So, precisely how you get creative with Instagram stories is naturally up to you, but here are some ideas:

Take Your Audience Behind the Scenes

This can take any number of forms, be that a look at what your employees are up to, the manufacturing process of a certain product you sell, or even an event in the process of being set up. It should be noted though that this works best if your brand is at least a little established.

Create Anticipation

Another great idea for an Instagram story is a few preparatory posts ahead of the launch of a new product or service. The trick is to tease the new product or service, while keeping the cards close to your chest, as it were. Make it eye-catching, but don’t show the product in its full glory – that is for the release day.

Tutorials and How To’s

One of the major goals of all social media marketing is to create brand and product identification. And what better way to get potential customers intimately acquainted with your product than to show a how-to video that features the product. These can actually be very short (which makes them all the more memorable) and are a great way to show a product in action.

Instagram stories are up there amongst the most effective social media tools for marketing. If you haven’t used them thus far, it’s time to start.

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