Rakhi- A Festival of Love and Happiness

Rakhi refers to the holy thread, which the sisters tie around their brothers’ wrists, this festival has the most joyous celebrations. Rakhi is just a shorter and more popular term for said Hindu celebration of festival namely Raksha Bandhan. This is a celebration dedicated to love, caring, and bringing joy. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated by Indian society by performing pooja, praying, and having great fun. Sisters bind a colourful Rakhi a thread that is considered holy on their brother’s wrists and exchange presents, including delectable goodies. People are dressed for temple visits and put on new garments. Also on Sacred Raksha Bandhan day, brothers usually wear typical clothing like as, Kurta-Pyjamas, Pathani Suits, etc. The wedded sisters generally wear beautiful sarees with work and jewellery, which can be heavy or light. Sisters who are not engaged like to wear ethnic dresses. India is referred to as a country of festivities, and here people enjoy everything with their families and neighbours. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that takes place in the Shravana month of Hindu mythology. The Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated among siblings in which a sister wraps a colourful rakhi which is considered a holy thread on the brother’s wrist, applies tilak on his forehead, does pooja, and prays for his long lifespan. This is not essential to be related by bloodline celebrate rakhi; rakhi could be knotted to those who are not related by bloodline. Rakhi can sometimes be attached to those who are your loved ones to form a tighter relationship, allowing someone to be comfortable in your social life.

How Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the modern era

People nowadays use technological devices to deliver messages and greetings. The main cause for this is long-distance relationships. Because of diverse professions and jobs, it is impossible to live together in the same city or country in today’s globe. As a result, the event has seen several alterations like rakhi online delivery. Rakhi has evolved into more of an internet festivity in recent years. Both brothers and sisters send greetings, presents, and rakhis to each other over the internet. Brothers get their rakhis from all over the world.  Many online rakhi businesses have been created to meet the demands of the hour, where one can do online shopping for rakhi and purchase everything they desire related to this occasion. These businesses provide presents gift delivery online and ship gifts all around the world, including to the United States and other countries. Raksha Bandhan, according to Indian heritage and culture, symbolises a sibling’s unbreakable relationship. If one family lives in the United States and you just wish to present Rakhi to someone, one can do the online shopping of rakhi with the help of  Rakhi Portal of the USA, which has a large selection of special and amazing Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan Gifts prepared to be sent in the United States for your families. Send Rakhi online to USA will end up making this Rakhi extra memorable by showering your loved ones with joy and affection.

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