4 Best PPC Automation Tools Which Can Benefit PPC Growth Hackers

Growth hackers are the know-it-alls on marketing who can enhance a company’s ROI and engagement rates by using different tools of PPC automation. The term was coined in 2010 by Sean Ellis to define someone who strives to scale the business they are currently associated with by increasing the site’s online traffic, gaining and nurturing leads by banking on the best marketing tools such as PPC.

An automated PPC software involves machine learning and AI for improving the leads and tracking both campaign performances and conversations so that management decisions can be taken accordingly. Let us now take a look at the top 4 PPC automation tools which can add inertia to your business growth:

·         Google ads

The numero uno PPC advertising platform operates like an auction system by rewarding premium ads with improved placement and lowered costs. Both growth hackers and marketers can select their main target while bidding for building up a viable growth strategy whether your business is striving for getting clicks, generating impressions or views only for video ads. It can save both the time and money of users through a sophisticated system of PPC automation. A user-friendly interface makes the entire process seem like a cakewalk as marketers get to easily identify issues they would have otherwise missed.

·         SEMrush

When it comes to campaign planning, this PPC automation tool can offer a commendable service with more than 40 features. It also allows us to perform SEO research, select keywords and keep tabs over the performance of competitors. Integration with Bing Ads and Google Ads offer an organic view of the competition. Marketers can decide whether to bid on the same keywords or change tactics by identifying and analysing past performance with the Keyword Magic Tool which automatically replaces negative keywords with stronger ones. Information attained can be easily exported and shared with teams.

·         ClickCease

Marketers can prevent click frauds on Google Ads and save 20% of their marketing budget with this ingenious tool. It can also block fake clicks of bots, click farms, brand haters and competitors, and exclude invalid IPs for boosting campaigns so that marketers can spread their reach to more authentic customers. Premium grade features such as device detection, geo targeting and custom thresholds can guarantee better filtering of click fraud.

·         Anyword

The automated copy creator offered by Anyword can boost up the workflow by offering ‘n’ number of ad copy variations which can be optimized for different formats and channels for capturing attention of the right set of audience. This AI powered copy generator can help overcome writer’s block by generating new ideas effortlessly.


The pay-per-click or PPC system can render support to your target audience as they pass through the sales funnel. It charges marketers when their advertisement is clicked on by someone. Marketers can automate their bidding by adjusting both displayed ads and search queries to improve return on ad spend (ROAS). PPC tools can completely automate the ad campaign process for bringing in more efficiency.

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