Factors that led to asbestos survey London

Background information

In the United Kingdom (UK) and England, the largest and capital city is London. It has so many buildings that attract people settlements in it. After other countries banned the use of asbestos, the UK government permitted this mineral, and that’s why it reports high risks of mesothelioma (lung cancer) cases. Shipbuilding played a vital role in World War II as the British Forced Armed Forces used them in their activities. These vessels had insulators made from asbestos; also, asbestos components tracing was present in boiler rooms and engines, floors, ceilings, and walls. Therefore members of the military army and shipbuilders were at risk of inhaling fibers released by asbestos materials hazardous to human health. Many buildings in London are said to have asbestos-containing materials used mainly in household appliances installed. The areas with most cases of asbestos had their construction before the year 2000 when the asbestos ban was not there. Public and some private buildings in London like hospitals and schools have asbestos within, which puts the people in occupancy to this deadly mineral.

Risks hazards of asbestos in London

The existence of materials containing asbestos in many buildings exposed workers, children and adults at risk of getting diseases caused by asbestos materials such as lung cancer and asbestosis.  It has led to the death of millions of people from related cases of asbestos as these people are exposed directly or indirectly to the materials. Those at risk mainly worked in schools, hospitals, ships, construction workers and their family members. Till now, control measures and necessary steps apply to manage, identify and safely remove these materials from buildings without harming people living there.

Role of asbestos survey London

The UK government formulated a policy that would enhance managing and removing the materials from buildings. It aims to protect peoples` lives and reduce death rates from diseases related to asbestos. It would involve identifying the location, type and extent of asbestos in a given area and removing it without causing a disturbance that can release fibers containing asbestos into the air.

 A team of accredited asbestos survey London by United Kingdom Accreditation Service has been licensed to remove asbestos. They are well-trained experts in both the management and refurbishment or demolition surveys. They carry out asbestos air testing to ensure people living within the given location are not affected in any way. They provide services that aim at protecting peoples` lives without altering with materials containing asbestos.

After identifying the affected area, they set to seek samples where they apply all the effective measures. It will enable them to be sure if the specified location has asbestos material. They take the samples with them to the laboratory for testing. They also produce an asbestos register that provides information on the site and risk factors of materials containing asbestos in a given area. Besides, they offer recommendations for control measures necessary in a room. Some asbestos survey in London are involved in the removal of materials containing asbestos and disposing of it appropriately.

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