You probably know already how important having your business website ranking on search engine first results page is.

With 5.5 billion users searching daily on Google, it’s safe to assume that your target audience is part of them.

If in addition to this we consider that 75% of them don’t even look past the first results page, it gets even more intuitive to realise that, if you don’t rank on the first page, your business has very reduced possibilities to reach a wider number of potential clients.

You may now ask: “Ok, but how can I rank on search engines first results page with such a high competition like the ones online nowadays?”

2 are the main factors that will make your SEO optimisation efficient and will make your website be listed on the first page:

  1. Effective Strategy – designing an efficient strategy specific to your business to get your website ranking on the first page.
  2. Mastery – being able and having the experience to manage efficiently all the tasks SEO involves at the same time.

SEO optimisation is more than just selecting a few keywords that you want your website to rank for and squeeze them into the text.

It is the mix of multiple tasks that you must run following a strategy based on your business identity and your specific target audience.

It is the mix of multiple tasks that you must manage with mastery all the same time:

  • Conduct Competitor Analysis
  • Keywords analysis and choice
  • Backlinks analysis and creation
  • Mobile website optimisation
  • Secure HTTP use
  • Website speed optimisation
  • Structured data use

With no efficient strategy and good mastery, it is often easy to make mistakes. And with no good experience, it is always recommendable to avoid SEO mistakes as it could easily result in website issues or penalisations on search engines.

With no experience, it often ends up that you realise about these mistakes when it’s late and the issues have already occurred, resulting in extra expenses and additional time to fix the issue and reach the search engine first results page.

And I believe that this is something that you wouldn’t want for your business.

For all these reasons it is highly recommendable to rely on a leading SEO agency to design and run your SEO strategy.

An expert SEO agency London, Serendipity Marketing is specialist in managing efficient SEO optimisation to rank any business website on search engine first page.

Serendipity Marketing is specialist in analysing any business target audience at a deeper level and creating efficient strategies as a consequence.

The deeper you know your ideal clients, the more effective your SEO strategy is.

Serendipity Marketing’s unique methodology, named the Ultimate Triumph System, mix marketing strategies with psychology principles to deeply get to know your potential customers’ behaviour and run more efficient SEO setting any business as an authority that search engines perceive as worth to be shown on the first page.

As a full-service digital marketing agency London, Serendipity Marketing has the whole resources to manage an efficient SEO strategy, monitoring and optimising it through the way, reducing the time you have to wait before seeing tangible results, and directing it where most likely your specific business will get benefits.

Serendipity Marketing doesn’t offer copy and paste solutions. As a leading digital marketing agency London, they take the time to learn about your business and take any step forward in line with your brand. They take the time to analyse deeper your target audience, unfolding hidden secrets thanks to which they are able to create more focused and efficient strategies.

If you rely on a leading SEO agency London as Serendipity Marketing, you can just sit back, relax, and watch your website climbing up the search engines to the first results page.


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