Should You Offer Shopping Carts or Baskets?

Do you run a grocery store? You should offer some gear to help your customers shop and encourage them to buy more. But between carts and baskets, you should decide if one is better than the other.

Why Use Big Shopping Carts

If you want your customers to buy a lot of stuff, you need to provide big, full-size shopping carts. The wheels for carts should move easily so that the carts aren’t stressful to push. And there should be plenty of space for customers to put their items as they shop.

While these carts do take up space, a lot of people will use the entire space. And the bigger size can make customers feel the need to buy more, even if they wouldn’t already fill up the cart.

Why Use Small Shopping Carts

Small shopping carts are a nice option if you don’t have much space to store the carts. You can still offer carts to more customers, so they don’t have to carry stuff in their arms. Smaller carts are also nice for customers who need a few items.

They can still fill up their cart, and you can make a sale. But the smaller carts aren’t as hard to maneuver around. This is especially nice if your aisles are narrow or you tend to have a busy store.

Why Use Shopping Baskets

Some people don’t want to use a cart at all, but they want to buy more than their hands can hold. A basket is the perfect option for those customers. If you know some customers visit your store every day or so, they won’t need a ton of room.

Your shopping baskets will give them a place to hold their items, so they can look for more stuff. And you might even convince someone to buy more than the one or two things they planned to get.

Why Offer All Options

The best thing you can do is offer both big and small carts as well as a handful of baskets. That will give your customers a choice, and you can fill the needs of daily and weekly shoppers.

Everyone will have just enough room to put stuff as they shop. And you can use those options as a reason to attract shoppers since they have more control.

Whether you’re a grocery store manager or owner, you need to provide something to help your customers shop. Ideally, you’d offer carts and baskets so that customers can choose what’s right for them. But do what feels right for your business.

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