Small Businesses Are The Backbone Of The Local Economy


While small businesses generate a much smaller income, they are significant to the economy of the country. Small businesses are every shop we see around us that is not a part of a bigger chain. They include bakeries, stationery stores, jewelry stores, clothing stores, etc. There are a variety of small businesses around us that are the reason our economy is surviving.

India is considered a nation that has a lot of unemployed people that seek jobs elsewhere. Small businesses give those unemployed people an opportunity to work and earn. Small businesses usually are much more personalized and maintain a connection with their customers that large corporations fail to establish. Shopping from a small business tends to make the customer happier than shopping from a large business simply because of the personal touch that every local business adds to its products.

Indian start-ups contributed around $11 billion that is roughly 810 crores in Indian Rupees to India’s economy by the end of 2019, showing incredible job-creating capacity. It is true that 65-75% of the innovation in India comes from the industry of small businesses.

As the manufacturer and distributor, small businesses develop a sense of personal touch with the area of business and their customers. Since they are limited in size and finance, there is little or no government intervention. Small businesses help curb unemployment in any economy. In addition, small businesses provide employment and stimulate the local economy by creating growth and innovation.

These are some of the reasons that should encourage you to start your own business. Plus, working for yourself is far more satisfying than working for someone else. The freedom and independence you receive when you have your own business are incomparable. Rather than working for someone else and earning a salary, you keep everything you earn.

You can start your business today with WhatsApp business. It does not take time at all and you can create and grow your business easily without worrying about the technicalities. You get to call the shots and you only have to depend on yourself. You can set your own deadlines and work for yourself.

When using WhatsApp for business, you can maintain a customer base anywhere and everywhere without having to check your emails constantly and worrying about other people checking their emails. You can message your customers easily and check their messages easily.

You can easily create catalogues for your products and sell your creations with absolute pride. You can sell what you want to sell and however you want to sell it. Working becomes fun when you’re doing it for yourself and doing what you enjoy.

You enjoy your job because you are pursuing your passion and have greater job satisfaction. Creating something from scratch is much more satisfying than working on something that was already made and ready for you. You can start your own business today itself and you would never have to worry about working for someone else.

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